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Winter is an ideal period for maintaining trees and shrubs. As cool temperatures prevail, many plants enter a dormant state. Although the winter months in Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast are nowhere near as extreme as other parts of the country, our trees still need attention and care. Taking proper precautions to preserve the trees and landscape in its entirety is beneficial even if there is just one instance of extreme cold. Long time residents lining in the Southeastern part of the states know, we typically have a few ‘cold snaps’ or ‘cold freezes’ and that it only takes one to irreparably damage trees and plants. Some are surprised to learn that winter in Louisiana is a great time for land clearing but also, to cut and prune trees! Here are three reasons to trim or remove trees in Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast during the winter months.

Reasons to Trim and Remove Trees in Louisiana

1. Less Risk & Faster Recovery

The winter brings much lower temperatures along with dry weather which lowers the risk of tree infection and disease. Newly cut branch limbs create a ‘wound’ on the tree and when the temperature is lower, trees risk for disease is lower as compared to the risk when hot and humid weather is present.

Reasons to Trim and Remove Trees in Louisiana

2. Easier Access

When it’s cold out, the ground around Louisiana on residential or commercial property is firmer, which results from the drier and cooler air. Firmer ground makes tree removal, or other tree services, easier, faster, and is less likely to cause collateral damage. During the rainy season typically in late spring and summer, the ground is softened quite a bit, soft muddy grounds and tree removal are not a great combination and can make the job a lot more difficult.

Reasons to Trim and Remove Trees in Louisiana

3. Strategic Planning

Winter is a great time to have trees trimmed and pruned and removed. Contemplate how the tree branches will grow. How do you want them to look at the beginning of spring/summer when you typically spend the most time outside while trees and other foliage are in full bloom? During winter, trees and other foliage typically absorb less sunlight. Certain grass species can turn more brown than others. If a tree on your property has a large canopy, thinning the canopy will help bring more sunlight through.

Tree maintenance is important throughout the year, but there are benefits unique to doing so during winter months. To keep your trees healthy and thriving, you need to pay attention to their needs throughout the year. However, seize the benefits that come with doing so during the winter months. This is the ideal time for land clearing and the ideal time for tree removal or trimming. This winter, give your land and the trees the TLC they need to thrive. To ensure they receive the proper care, contact a professional tree trimmer in Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. You can prevent prevent land or tree damage, and personal injury by relying on professionals who will quickly remove your tree for you. Frank’s Land Restoration can remove downed or standing trees, monster root-balls, and stumps.